Hoosier Feeder company



About Hoosier Feeder Company

Hoosier Feeder Company is a leader in the production of Vibratory and Centrifugal Feeder Systems

The company was started in 2007 by 2 brothers on a mission to provide quality vibratory feeder bowls with exceptional customer service.

Today, the business has grown in many ways. We have many more amazing employees! We’ve expanded our product offering to now include vibratory bowls, centrigual feeder bowls, product placement solutions, a conveyor business (Hoosier Conveyor Company). And we’ve moved and enhanced our manufacturing capabilities. 

We are still family owned, with the same 2 brothers leading the way. And our drive for quality products, exceptional customer service, and innovation shines even brighter through our team. 

Industry Proven Results from Custom Built Manufacturing Equipment

While Hoosier Feeder Company specializes in vibratory and centrifugal feeding systems, we have a versatile catalogue of proven automation solutions and parts feeders to fit your part handling needs.  Consider our most popular solutions below, and rest assured we work diligently to produce innovative feeder bowl systems for the coming movements in the automation industry.


Robust and economical feeding systems to supply assembly lines of all kinds


Linear part movement between critical processes or locations to keep your process streamlined  



Bulk storage units to regulate part flow into the feeding system


High-speed parts handling machines that delicately orient and reliably output parts for packaging and assembly



Reliable part distribution and presentation for vision guided robotic picking




Custom single or multiple movement/action mechanisms to further prepare the part after the feeder discharge



The Hoosier Feeder Company Mission

Our mission is to manufacture high-quality equipment we’re proud to put our name on. We want to set a new standard in quality and customer service. We staff our facility with family-oriented, high-character, high-quality people that take a great deal of pride in what they do. A company is only as good as its people, which is why we provide a work environment where we empower employees to make decisions, meet their potential, and thrive in an atmosphere of excellence.