Interfaced Technologies Inc.

Your Source For Assembly Equipment 

What we do

Interfaced Technologies Inc. represents leading manufacturers of assembly technology and equipment.

Technical Solutions

We represent top tier companies in testing, assembly and marking technologies. The best products mean the best process and the best results.

Technical Support

We don’t stop at the sale. We continue to assist you and your customers from run off to production. Our partners maintain a global presence to provide what you need where you need it.

Application Review

Not sure where to start? We’ll sit down with you and help to develop creative solutions so you can achieve your goals.


Interfaced Tech has a full compliment of demo equipment to show you each technology up close and in person, either  in our technical lab or on your shop floor.


Training for you and your team can either be done at Interfaced Tech’s in-house training facility or yours, from smaller group sessions to full lunch & learns.