Pneumohydraulic & Electric Drive Units


Since 1978 TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK is a innovative and global leader in press drive systems, sheet metal joining and assembly equipment. Our air/oil cylinders and servo presses offer solutions to the automotive, appliance, medical, aerospace and electronic industries. We invented the “clinching” – the joining of sheet metal by force and we developed machine drives such as our pneumohydraulic power-packages – which offer forces from 2 – 2000 kN. We have solutions for pressing, riviting, inserting elements and much more. Everything to help the metal producing industry to work efficiently and to meet customers needs. 

We started by introducing powerful drives for production machinery including the TOX®-Powerpackage. We also offer the TOX®-ElectricDrive program, which is an alternative high-tech solution. Our machinery offers endless possibilities for product development within the sheet metal joining industry. For over 40 years,  we have supplied the industry with drives, presses and other tools for clinching, punching, inserting and riveting. The automotive industry also relies heavily on our products.  

Our headquarters, main production facility and technology center are located in Weingarten, Germany. Our facilities are also located in the USA, China, India and Brazil.