Introduction to Robotics

  Our Introduction to Robotics course is a 2 hour session with a capacity of 20 students per class.

This 2 Hour course is designed for anyone with an interest in Robotics who would like to learn more about them. This course starts with a basic introduction to the different types of Industrial robots followed by real life examples of how to use each one.  We cover best methods and practices in the use of these Robots.  We discuss Vision and how it is used with Robotics.  We end with a demonstration of several different styles of robots and different ways to use them

Cost: This is a Free Event!

Current Upcoming Sessions:

  • Tuesday, October 17th – 10:00 am – 12:00 pm (lunch included after)

Epson Robotic Training 101

 Our Basic Robot Programming Class is a half-day session with a capacity of 8 students per class.

This half-day class is designed for beginners who have never worked with robots—all you need is a willingness to learn robotics. This hands-on course starts with a basic introduction on best methods and practices, followed by lab time.

In this class, all instruction segments will be followed by lab time. We suggest you bring your own laptop but we can provide laptops on-site if needed.

Students will learn the following:

  • EPSON RC+7.0 Programming Software
  • Icon Functionality in Program File Creation
  • Moving the Robot Axis Through Ranges of Motion
  • Teaching, Naming, & Editing Points
  • Basic Program Functions for Motions — (Move, Go Jump, Arc, Circle, limZ)
  • Basic Program Functions for Utility — (Loop, Integer, Timer, Comments, & Instructions)
  • Sub-Routines From Call Functions, Labels, & Go-to Functions
  • Collision Boxes & Shared Zone Logic
  • Program I/O Communication — (Types of Communication, Program Examples)
  • Tool Center Offset Functionality; TCP Wizard
  • Tray Pallet Function & Simulation

Cost: This is a Free Event!

Current Upcoming Sessions:

  • Tuesday, October 17th – 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm (lunch included beforehand)


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